Ceviche: a unique flavor from Latin America

Now that you know a bit more about Tropical Latin America, you can be sure that there’s an adventure waiting for you no matter the country you choose for your next vacation. And we’re just missing one ingredient to make your holiday perfect: food!

Though every Latin American country has their own signature dish, there are a few recipes that aren’t associated with just one particular place. Such is the case of ceviche, that, more than belonging to a specific country, it is an iconic dish that you can enjoy in any coastal region of Latin America.

There’s not a consensus regarding the origins of ceviche. Some people say it came from the Arab world, and that it traveled through Spain all the way to Latin America. Others say it originated in the pre-Columbian period in South America. In Peru, it is even declared as National Cultural Inheritance and regarded as one of the most representative dishes of the country. For us, it doesn’t matter where ceviche comes from; all we want is to take you to a sunny destination so you can enjoy it with us!

Ceviche, cebiche, sebiche, or seviche — the four of them are correct, so you don’t even have to worry about spelling it right– is prepared everywhere with the same essential ingredients. It consists of seafood (generally uncooked) marinated in key lime or orange juice and combined with chili peppers, onions, and tomato. Some countries also add cilantro, mustard, or avocado in the mix.

Depending on where you are, you can enjoy your ceviche with different side dishes and spice it up with the country’s favorite sauce. In Mexico you can put it as a topping for fried tortillas; in Ecuador, you can accompany it with fried plantain; and in Colombia, you can serve it with salty crackers. No matter where you are we promise you, with ceviche, you’re in for a treat.

When you come back home, you’ll surely be missing the tropical sun and the sandy beaches of Latin America. So why not bring some flavors from your holiday to your kitchen? Let us then give you the steps of what you need to prepare an excellent ceviche inspired by all the delicious recipes of the countries you’re about to visit:

Marinate 1 pound of skinless tilapia, halibut, bass, or your preferred ocean fish in one cup of key lime juice and ½ onion chopped into small pieces. Put the mix in the fridge for two hours. You’ll see that, just as when you cook it, the key lime juice will make the meat of the fish white and firm.

Mix a cup of chop tomatoes with ½ cup of chopped cucumber, two chopped serrano peppers, cilantro, mint, and tomato-clam juice. Then cut and add your fish to the mixture. Some common things to add as a final touch are avocado, hot sauce, or mayonnaise.

Finally, enjoy your ceviche with your favorite chips and imagine you are back in your comfy hamaca, tasting the refreshing flavors of Latin America.


By Mariana Arámburu

Twitter & Instagram: @m_buru
Born and raised in Mexico City, Mariana graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana with a degree in Communication and Film. Later, she moved to Vancouver, BC, where she currently resides, and studied Creative Writing at Capilano University. Mariana loves photography and to visit new places. She also loves animals and aims to one day focus her work on conservation issues.

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