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Devil Nose Train, Riobamba

First time in Ecuador?
First, Ecuador is one of the most diversified countries on earth. With four distinct regions, each one offering an abundance of opportunities to enjoy your ultimate vacation experience. The Pacific Costa, Amazing Amazon, Historic Andes and Iconic Galapagos Islands, each present their own culture, scenery and incredible abundance of wildlife.

Canadians can stay up to 90 days per annum without needing a visa.

US Dollar

GMT/UTC -5 hours


110V, 60Hz (same as Canada & US)

You can access Internet from almost everywhere in Ecuador, the cost is very low (About $1 an hour)

South Market, Malecon2000

Money Exchanges:
Are widely available in larger cities. Smaller cities and towns will have infrequent service. Travelerís checks can be cashed at competitive rates in larger cities. Major credit cards are accepted in tourist areas however a 6-8% service fee is often added. Cheaper hotels, restaurants and stores typically do not accept credit cards.

Better restaurants will automatically add 10% to your bill as a service charge. It is expected that you tip tourism industry workers such as guides and porters but not taxi drivers. The taxis do not usually have a meter counter; make sure you negotiate the price before entering the cab.

General Packing List:

medical prescriptions
rain jacket  
money belt     
small flashlight or headlamp
needle and thread
hat and sunglasses
mosquito repellent
beach towel

traveler’s checks
Swiss army knife
clothes for warm and cool weather
watch with alarm
plastic bags for separating clean and dirty clothes
biodegradable soap
comfortable shoes
Warmer clothes if you travel to the highlands
Plug converter (many older buildings in Ecuador have 2-prong outlets only, although the voltage is the same)
Make sure you bring your camera or video equipment, as you will need it.

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